Contribute to local communities through
development and operation of renewable energy

From the initial planning stage of renewable energy generation business, ENEOS Renewable Energy holds repeated conversations with community residents, administrative bodies, and other members of the community in the process of developing businesses and building power plants that have received continued support from these communities and organizations. As efforts to operate plants that coexist harmoniously with the community, we also make continuous opportunities to converse and spend time with community members after plants begin operating.
Moreover, ENEOS Renewable Energy aggressively recruits local personnel and conducts business with local companies for the construction and operation of power plants.
Through business activities tailored to regional characteristics, ENEOS Renewable Energy will continue contributing to the development of communities as a good corporate citizen.

Top Commitment

At ENEOS Renewable Energy we are committed to changing the world with renewable energy to realize a sustainable tomorrow.

Our Materiality for Creating a Sustainable Society

By achieving a balanced approach between our sustainability priorities and our management fundamentals, we hope to maintain a strategic and effective sustainability program in the long term.

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