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Stable growth through expansion
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Why it matters for us

As a renewable energy power producer, we play a vital role in combatting climate change and enhancing energy self-sufficiency in Japan. Our success relies heavily on the support and trust we gain from our investors. We must therefore maintain a strong financial foundation to fulfill our responsibility to our stakeholders and to society.

Our approach

Following COP21, the momentum toward decarbonization has exponentially increased. We have seen an increase in the number of Japanese corporate signatories to RE100, a leadership pledge signaling they are committing to sourcing 100% renewable energy. The landscape of the Japanese energy market is drastically changing, showing promising opportunities for our business in the coming years.

At the end of 2014 when we began commercial operation of our plants, our total power generation capacity was 32MW. By the end of March 2023, we expanded this capacity to 774MW. In recent years, changes in public policy and the social climate has meant our business has seen strong growth. In keeping with this upward trajectory, we aim to steadily increase our capacity in the coming years.

In order to realize and sustain business growth, we have made strategic preparations across each of our energy segments to plan for a competitive and diversified renewable energy mix. In addition to solar power that led our growth so far, we will focus on both onshore and offshore wind, thereby actively expanding our generation capacity. In particular, we expect offshore wind to be a significant growth driver.

We anticipate steady growth in our solar power segment, following our initial investments in this area. Over the long term we see the opportunity for a second wave of investment in this segment. We are also actively engaging with diverse power generation technologies, with steady growth in our biomass power capacity and small-scale hydropower. ENEOS Renewable Energy plans to undertake strategic initiatives in the field of biomass working with its subsidiary, Eco Green Holdings Co. Ltd., an eco-solution company specialized as a recycled biomass wood chip supplier.

Furthermore, we also prioritize stability in the operation of our plants and engage in efforts to minimize the outage time of our power generators. Specifically, our initiatives aim to identify concerns and issues that can be addressed preventatively before leading to unplanned repairs and accidents. For example, we conduct maintenance based on detailed plans and closely monitor our generators to identify any preventative measures we can implement. These initiatives allow us to maintain stability in revenue from power generation, and at the same time, maximize our contribution to GHG emissions reduction.

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Indicators 2019 2020 2021 2022*
Total generated renewable energy (MWh) 532,146 639,874 699,443 1,270,984
Total renewable energy sold (MWh) 505,075 598,211 663,532 1,192,067
Total installed renewable energy capacity (MW) 345 419 542 774

* 15 months until March 2023

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