Renewable Energy / Biomass power generation business

Development processes

Process 1: Feasibility assessment

Business feasibility is assessed in terms of availability of biomass fuel and a suitable location for generating power from the fuel (and a grid connection).
Once the right fuel and location are identified and we have a good prospect of business feasibility, research is conducted to find the necessary approvals, licenses, as well as relevant laws and regulations for the construction and operation of a power plant. In addition, voluntary environmental assessment or another activity is conducted to make sure that the environmental impact will be acceptable.
Consultations with local stakeholders are initiated and briefing sessions or the like for the intended biomass power generation are organized for community members to obtain their consent.

Process 2: Various arrangements before construction

If the intended business is deemed viable in Process 1, arrangements are made for the necessary land use, grid connection, approvals, licenses, fuel procurement, and financing (borrowing).
Reliable access to fuel over a long period is vital for any biomass power business.
For instance, JRE Kamisu Biomass Power Plant ensured the long-term stable procurement of the fuel, along with the upgrade of Eco Green Holdings’s equipment after it joined the ENEOS Renewable Energy Group to receive a capital injection.
As a next step, consultations regarding the construction are initiated with contractors.
After comparing the proposals from these contractors, an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract is signed with the most suitable contractor.
Once the intended plant is designed, construction is started as soon as the necessary approvals, licenses, and contracts are ready.

Process 3: Construction and preparation for operation

Before the construction is complete, the necessary personnel are recruited and trained for the upcoming plant operation.
Once the construction is finished, the commissioning of the plant is carried out by the contractor to repair any defects.
After the commissioning and necessary adjustments, the plant is handed over for the operation by the ENEOS Renewable Energy Group.

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