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Operation and maintenance

Operation of onshore wind power plants

ENEOS Renewable Energy and ENEOS Renewable Energy Management works on the safe and stable operation of the wind turbine and the improvement of power generation efficiency. We do so by carrying out daily inspections and maintenance of the turbine, as well as the arrangement and analysis of the operational data obtained from monitoring the operational conditions. We have established a system that mobilizes engineers to respond to any contingencies or failures.
ENEOS Renewable Energy group hosts power plant tours and participates in local events in order to contribute to the local communities as a member of them.

Maintenance of shore wind power plants

Some of ENEOS Renewable Energy group’s employees are permanently stationed at an office located close to the power plant to carry out management work such as inspection and maintenance to ensure safe and stable operation.
They can find early signs of equipment abnormalities before problems occur so that they can respond to them as early as possible.

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