Top Commitment

We are committed to changing the world with renewable energy to realize a sustainable tomorrow.

Curbing global warming and expanding the use of clean energy are issues that countries worldwide should address in common, and these are also listed as main themes for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted at the United Nations Conference in 2015. The Paris Agreement at COP21 came into force in 2016. Japan also ratified this agreement and pledged to significantly expand its use of renewable energy to curtail emissions of greenhouse gases.

The year 2020 marked a historic turning point for the entire world. Along with changes resulting from the spread of COVID-19 in social life and the advance of digitization, the momentum toward a decarbonized society also accelerated. Additionally, in October 2020, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga declared in his first policy speech that he would commit to cutting greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero by 2050, thereby setting the 2050 goal of achieving a carbon-neutral society. In working to attain this goal, Japan has declared it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 46% by FY2030 compared with the level of FY2013. Besides Japan, over 120 countries have declared their commitments to becoming carbon neutral in 2050.

ENEOS Renewable Energy was founded in August 2012 in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and is entrusted with the mission of “changing the world with renewable energy” to solve the issues of preventing global warming and improving Japan’s energy self-sufficiency rate.

During the following years up to the present, we have more than 100 power plants in operation and under construction in various locations, including solar, onshore wind, and biomass projects. Looking ahead, we will widely cover the entire range of renewable energy, including offshore wind power and small hydroelectric power, and strive to develop our business as a leading company in the industry.

Developing and operating power plants requires the understanding and support of the residents of local communities, government agencies, construction companies, and fund providers. All employees place utmost importance on dialogue with society and earnestly undertake their work to earn the trust of stakeholders.

In 2016, we became the first renewable energy company in Japan to support the United Nations Global Compact and join the Global Compact Network Japan. As a member of this global community, we commit to upholding The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, which cover human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

In 2019, our company conducted its inaugural materiality analysis, and in doing so, established the basis of its sustainability approach and disclosures. I am confident that the results of this analysis will create a strong foundation for us as it fulfills its responsibilities and makes contributions to solving global issues.

The safety and health of our employees are indispensable for ensuring the sustainable growth of our business. In 2020, we strengthened workplace safety and health to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and also created an environment that realizes diverse workstyles such as promoting remote work.

ENEOS Renewable Energy got off to a good start in January 2022 as a member of the ENEOS Group, which has endorsed the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Accordingly, we are strengthening efforts such as making disclosures in line with the TCFD framework as a member of Japan’s leading energy group.

Looking ahead, we will continue to expand and strengthen our initiatives toward sustainability and will promote and expand our renewable energy business in a manner compatible with the local community and society.

President and CEO, Representative Director
Takeuchi Kazuhiro