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Operation and maintenance

Operation of biomass power plants

ENEOS Renewable Energy gives top priority to the safe and reliable operation of its power plants.
Operators, who swiftly address any abnormalities, at each power plant constantly monitor the automatic operation with a control system.
Operators work in shifts. Careful arrangements are made to ensure their occupational health.
Environmentally friendly operation is pursued in tandem with Eco Green Holdings to effectively use construction waste and unused residue materials from forests while paying due additional attention to exhaust gases, produced waste, and so forth.

Maintenance at biomass power plants

ENEOS Renewable Energy regularly stops and inspects equipment at each plant to look for any signs of potential abnormalities. Qualified and experienced personnel, such as the Chief Boiler & Turbine Engineer, are deployed to perform routine inspections and analyze monitoring data in order to prevent any disruption to power generation.
In this manner, ENEOS Renewable Energy ensures the early detection and repair of failures.
In order to ensure the most efficient and uninterrupted operation of power plants, ENEOS Renewable Energy works with Eco Green Holdings to adjust the fuel parameters, such as the proportion of recycled lumber and unused residual wood.

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