Renewable Energy / Onshore wind power generation business

Development processes

Process 1: Planning and survey (selecting an appropriate area)

ENEOS Renewable Energy searches for an area appropriate for the construction of a power generation plant.
An area that is suitable for a wind power plant has good wind conditions, has no problems regarding access to the plant construction site, and is close to power transmission lines.
A short list of candidate areas is created based on information open to the public such as the wind conditions map published by the NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) and the classification of land areas. On-site surveys and observation of wind conditions are conducted.
It is also important to check the procedures, permission and approval matters necessary for the development.

Process 2: Communication with local communities and permission/approval

After determining the candidate site, ENEOS Renewable Energy starts discussions with the local municipality regarding the required procedures, permission and approval. In parallel with that, we conduct an environmental impact assessment that surveys what impact the power plant construction will have on the surrounding environment and then have multiple occasions to explain the power plant construction plan to the local communities.

Process 3: Design and construction work

After the completion of an elaborate design, the construction of the plant is carried out while ensuring safety. During the construction of a wind power plant, special vehicles are used to transport the huge components of a wind turbine, and a large crane is used to assemble these components at a high place. During each construction step, a specialized contractor performs the work so that it will not cause inconvenience to local people.

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