Renewable Energy

Creators of renewable energy

Professionals who are active in the front lines of the renewable energy

Experts in the various processes from business planning to operation and maintenance for renewable energy power plants talk about their sustainable challenges.

※ Company names and affiliations in the article are as of the time of publication

Striving to develop and popularize renewable energy by honing the elemental technologies necessary for offshore wind power plants

Engineering & Procurement Division
Offshore Wind Engineering Department

Hirohito Nishigaki

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Using interaction with nature and local people as the starting point for ongoing field work to select suitable sites for wind power plants

Business Development Division
Project Development Department-2, Project Development Team-4

Hisae Umezawa

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Driving our community-minded renewable energy business forward by promoting efficient, high-quality operation of solar and wind power plants

ENEOS Renewable Energy Management Corporation, O&M Management Department, Team-1

Ai Nojo

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Practicing bottom-up EHS management to protect environment and employee’s health and safety

ENEOS Renewable Energy Management Corporation, Corporate Management Department

Sho Kawauchi

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Achieving stable, safe, and accident-free operations through rigorous maintenance and building relationships as a member of the community

A staff member of JRE Sakata Wind Farm
A staff member of Nakakyushu Onitayama Wind Farm

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Helping to decarbonize society and energize the local community by overseeing safe, reliable operations at a biomass power plant

JRE Kamisu Biomass Power Plant
Chief Boiler & Turbine Engineer

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Renewable Energy