Corporate Information

Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission and Purpose

Changing the World with Renewable Energy

For Sustainable Tomorrow

Our Vision

We will take leadership in creating a prosperous and sustainable society through the development of renewable energy.

Society currently grasps the necessity for the expansion of renewable energy sources as a countermeasure towards climate change caused by the emission of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel-based power generation and a depleting fossil fuels reserve.

At ENEOS Renewable Energy, our aim is to stably and economically supply electric power from renewable energy sources and become the leading company in our industry, while flexibly adapting to a changing business environment to address the needs of future eras.

While continuously seeking harmonious coexistence with the local community, we will engage in the development of renewable power plants from early development stage to operational stage and hold, maintain and operate our plants for the entire project life, so that we can continue to challenge to create a sustainable society for the prosperity and security of the next generation.

Our Values (FORCE)

Enjoy work and contribute to an open and enjoyable workplace
Open Communication
Actively voice our thoughts and show respect for the thoughts of others to promote free, open discourse and mutual understanding
Proactively engage in all issues and initiatives, work with enthusiasm and never give up
Resolve issues with an innovator's mind and unyielding spirit
Continue personal growth by passionately seeking new information with a humble heart

ENEOS Renewable Energy
Group Code of Conduct

1.Compliance with laws, regulations and corporate ethics

2.Coexistence with the global environment and local communities

3.Proper management of assets and information

4.Respect for humanity

EHS Policy

The ENEOS Renewable Energy Group has a social responsibility to build an energy foundation that will allow future generations to lead happy and secure lives. To fulfill this responsibility, we have defined our basic stance on the environment, health, and safety in our ENEOS Renewable Energy EHS Policy.

Corporate Information