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Sho Kawauchi

Please tell us about your work.

My job involves implementing policies and rules related to *EHS management established for the entire ERE Group at operational sites such as power plants.

Specifically, this involves a range of measures, including talking with site staff at their monthly meetings to draw up annual EHS activity plans, advising staff on the purchase of safety equipment, providing worksites with the latest EHS information, and providing safety education and guidance on emergency response.

* Environment, health, and safety: A systematic approach to ensure that environmental, health and safety risks are assessed and managed across the lifecycle of every business activity.

What aspects of your work in EHS management do you find important?

I try to shorten the distance between us and worksites and respond quickly to their input. That’s why I really enjoy receiving specific requests for guidance; I feel like they trust me. EHS gets tied up in laws and regulations and there is a lot that’s hard to understand, so I also try to explain things as simply and comprehensibly as I can.

Lastly, please share a goal or dream for the future.

Strengthen the company’s emergency response capabilities. Fortunately, the company hasn’t experienced a major accident so far, but I want to establish rules for emergency preparedness that would prevent damage from spreading to our employees and the communities near our power plants. I also want to build a company that is trusted by society by maintaining safe, stable operations through EHS activities.

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